Janell's Second Brain

The simple times

Once again, I am thinking of deleting (note, not deactivating) ALL my social media accounts, i.e, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. From time to time I have this urge to just quit, leading me to deactivate for days. But I always find myself coming back, which sometimes I feel bad about....like I don't have self control. But I know it's not all true. These companies put in a lot of resources just to keep their user's attention -- the very thing keeping their business afloat. This is the part that I do not like. It's as if I'm being tricked into paying attention to shit I don't even care about. I just think that it's a huge waste of my brain cells, which have been very well depleted after a couple weekends of binge drinking.

Aside from this minimalist blogging platform, I came across this article today. It's a great read -- it may have convinced me even more to go through with reducing my social media footprint. I say reduce because I am not sure about YouTube, after all it has a different effect on me.

I just want my computer and internet use to be more intentional. I basically have grown with the internet and its devastating to see it all turn into an shitshow -- all for the $$. People are constantly producing mindless content, or worse -- DISINFORMATION about anything that may be essential in moving forward with their personal agenda. I just hate it, man. I just wish more people realize how we may not be in fiery red apocalypse, but we are in an apocalypse -- in an information apocalypse.

- 7 toasts