Janell Sihay

Starting a new season in my life

Janell Sihay

Sunken Garden, UP Diliman. April 2023.

My first time in UP Diliman

..and in Quezon City! Here's a rundown of my day:

  1. Took the first flight to Manila. I was surprised there were a lot of people for an early morning flight. I guess a lot of people also wanted to avoid the Holy Week rush.
  2. Arrived at Maginhawa and met my housemates. I am going to be living with 3 other people. I am relieved that my roommates speak bisaya. At least, we can easily communicate especially that we have to coordinate with household chores. Also, they go to same institute! I am so happy that I get to live with them and be able to ask questions.
  3. Went to UP Town to buy some essentials. I like it because there are open spaces. Pets are also allowed, and I saw a lot of dogs!!! Made me miss my Mochacakes and Skysky 😭 I also saw a lot of strays while walking back home. I am tempted to check the CCTV at home and see what they are up to but maybe that'll only trigger my homesickness. I know that's normal but I need to brush it off for a while and focus on work.
  4. Saw the Campus for the first time. I took the UP Ikot going to UP Town and on the way home. My timing was perfect because the sun was low, and it beautifully peeked through the trees. I fell in love with the greenery. I also had a moment when the jeepney passed by my institute. "Naa najud ko diri. (At last, I am finally here.)", I said to myself. Somehow, it was only now that I truly believed that I am a graduate student at UP, after almost 3 years.