Janell Sihay

Research reflections

My research proposal presentation is scheduled for this Friday, November 18th! I am so excited to get it over with. I had my mock presentation earlier with my adviser. He said that my slides were good and the presentation is simple and easy to understand, which was exactly what I was aiming for. But honestly, there is this voice inside my head that's telling me my thesis is way too 'simple' for a master's thesis. I won't do any fieldwork (at least that's what I'm proposing) since I will be working on satellite data. I don't need to rent or purchase anything, like lab equipment or reagents, I would just be needing a good computer that can run code. But I guess every research is different. I don't need to compare my research to what other students are doing. What's easy or hard is all relative, anyway. For me, this research is particularly challenging especially since I'm just starting to learn how to code. Furthermore, I believe my research is important. My adviser thinks so, too. I remember that one conversation we had, where I was supposed to go with him on a research cruise. But since I am still a student, I was not allowed to go. But anyway, I told him that I'll just accept that I won't have any field experience in my study area yet, and that I'll just make use of satellite data. He replied, 'Sige lang, importante man sad na' (That's ok, your research is still important). I have been holding on to that ever since.

Importante ni akong gabuhaton.

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