Janell Sihay

My mental emergency kit

Mocha and sky My dogs, Mochacakes and Skysky - Janell Sihay on Flickr

The past few weeks have been pretty challenging, and I say this with evidence in the form of acne breakouts and rashes - historically a physical manifestation of stress.

I learned from the therapy program I joined a while back that when things start to south (i.e., I observe signs that I might be going into an anxiety and depression episode), I should go through my "mental emergency kit."

It contains a 'recipe' of meditation exercises and a list nourishing activities. Here's what it looks like:

  1. Mindfulness meditation (about 40 minutes): 10-minute breathing exercises, 20-minute Breath-Body-Sounds-Thoughts-Emotions exercises, or any mindful activity
  2. Looking at beautiful photos on Flickr
  3. Editing my photos and videos
  4. Journaling (by hand) my thoughts, emotions, reflections
  5. Reading books, preferably at the library
  6. Anything that involves creativity
  7. Talking with my loved ones
  8. Playing with my dogs
  9. Being immersed in nature

I should probably go do a few things off this list now.

PS: My previous post made it to the top of the Trending page. I don't know how to feel about it, but a part of me feels uncomfortable that a lot of people know about my thoughts (which is really stupid, I know....why the heck am I on here!!). But, I'm grateful to the people who made an effort and shared their two cents, especially from opposing views. At least I know I am not inside an echo chamber. I have so much more to learn.