Janell Sihay

My meditation practice

For the past year or so, I have been having trouble concentrating and remembering things. It's getting worse over time, so bad that I resorted to Google for mental problems. Almost all the resources I found had the same advice - meditation.

I first tried listening to guided meditations. It was fun I guess. The only problem was I didn't know if I was doing it right, so after the session, I didn't know what was its effect on me.

Then I added movement. I began following Yoga poses while playing Tibetan Bowls on Spotify. I love my mood every after session. I always feel relaxed and loose.

Just recently I made use of the Medito. It's a free app where there are recordings of guided meditation. What I love about it is it tells you some background information about the certain session, specifically its scientific basis, if any. I also love that they highlight that there is no right way of meditating -- it's your personal journey and not a performative act. That truly helped me improving my practice.

Now that I believe I have found my personal way of meditating, I am aiming for consistency in practice. I have learned that while there are short term benefits that you observe after a couple of sessions, its compounding effect is even more beneficial in being in maintaining a good headspace.

I'll write about my practice under the #meditations tag.