Janell Sihay

My favorite moment

If I were asked what my favorite moment in my life so far, I would show them this picture.

My favorite moment

Friday, ‎27 ‎May ‎2022, ‏‎5:25:52 pm

This was taken during Chev and I's Moalboal dive trip. In this picture, we are eating pungko-pungko, which is basically just fried street food. We bought fried chicken, ginabot or fried pork intestines, and puso or hanging rice. We placed the sauces in the mugs and glasses that came with the room. While eating we watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory, the one where the guys fought each other for the ring prop from Lord of the Rings.

I remember being extremely happy and grateful during this time. We just had wrapped up 5 incredible dives hours before. We also went to the Moalboal Poblacion and saw how simple and laid-back the town was. After, we went back to the resort and settled our payments for the accommodation and dives. I was just so grateful for the privilege of being able to afford and make this trip happen.