Janell Sihay



Packing for Manila. March 2023.

Leaving home

Starting April with a big girl move.

I leave for Manila on the 2nd of April. I will be finishing my master's thesis on-site at UP Diliman. It will be my first time inside the campus, and also in Quezon City.

Right now, I am feeling all sorts of emotions. I would like to think that I am excited for this upcoming season in my life, but right now I feel anxious about leaving my parents and my dogs. For the past three years, I was in charge of the household, which took up most of my waking hours (freezing due to anxiety included). Probably the great thing about this move is that this is a chance to develop new habits. I have been lagging behind in my work but I am hopeful I will be able to catch up with the right mindset and focus in place.

Late-night talks with Chev

late night

Lightning watching. March 2023.

I really love talking with Chev. We can cover any topic: science, films, music, and just life and living in general. I love learning from him and his perspectives.

From the archives

TIE beach

Medina. January 2023.