Janell Sihay

Easing into June

I am feeling all sorts of things now that my birth month is over. Before, I never really cared about it so much. But this year Chev and I decided to go on a dive trip as our joint birthday celebration (Mine's on the 24th, his' is on the 29th). We went to Moalboal, Cebu. I had the time of my life! I couldn't count how many times on that trip I thanked the Lord for such a wonderful experience. I guess that was my personal dream life -- to be near the ocean, good food, great view, and awesome dives.

It was sort of a turning point for me. I am more inspired to get things done. Maybe it helps if you're guided not only by a desire to contribute to the common good but also by your personal aspirations. It's not selfish. It's being human.