Janell Sihay

Last day in my hometown

Janell Sihay

Gaston Park, Cagayan de Oro. April 2023.

A love letter to Cagayan de Oro

I spent the afternoon at Ginama, the local pasalubong shop here in the city. I was looking for something to bring to my labmates and housemates whom I will be meeting for the time.

The place is relatively new. It has a little cafe run by Dream Patisserie. I read a few pages of Atomic Habits (late to party, I know) while waiting for my Breakfast Bowl and Cafe Americano.

Janell Sihay

The slow life. April 2023.

I had some time to reflect on my life here in Cagayan de Oro. They say that the only time that you'll grow as a person is when you leave your hometown. Somehow, I don't believe that that is entirely true. That would mean that the people who never left never improved in their lives. I do think that leaving would speed up the process given that being in a new environment is a chance to form new habits.