Janell Sihay

A day well spent

Today went great.

5:00 AM: Our help woke me up and told me my grandmother wanted her blood sugar level tested. I was annoyed to have to do it at first (although I agreed to do it the night before), but I was able to manage it. Since I was taking hers already I also took my mom's and my dad's test. Their results were okay. I went back to sleep because I slept late last night.

7:00 AM: I woke up again to the sound of construction. Normally, I would be pissed but surprisingly I didn't. Again, I was able to manage my emotions and move on with the rest of the day.

9:00 AM: Had breakfast: scrambled eggs, toast, and sriracha (I put it on everything). Filling but I didn't full (which I like).

10:00 AM: Booked Grab. Took quite a while.

10:40 AM: Yay, driver found!

11:00 AM: Finally picked up by the driver. I really waited for him because as you may have noticed, it took quite a while for a driver to accept my booking. He apologized that it took him a while. I said that it was fine, I wasn't in a hurry anyway.

11:20 AM: Arrived at my favorite coffee shop. The air conditioning temperature is just right, the lighting is good, spacious enough, and it has this nice view of greens outside.

coffee shop

Beautiful light. Taken in May 2022 at around 3 PM in the afternoon.

2:00 PM: Ended my working hours for the day. It was great! I was able to add a few lines and some points to expound on in my next session. Now time for errands! First, my parent's maintenance medicine, then grocery!

2:30 PM: Finally got my parent's meds. It really takes a while because aside from they have a long prescription list, the nearest pharmacy has one dedicated counter for senior citizens (which my parents are) and they only have 1-2 staff attending at a time. They don't cater to senior citizen transactions on other counters because of the 20% discount. Anyway, it's fine. I always feel grateful when the meds are handed out to me because added up, they're quite expensive!

2:45 PM: One of my favorite things to do is grocery shopping!

4:30 PM: Arrived home. Rushed to unpack the groceries and grabbed a quick bite: toast, egg, and sriracha again.

5:10 PM: Met for a one-on-one with the coordinator of a mindfulness program I joined. It's an 8 once-a-week program that aims to help prevent depression relapse and manage anxiety and chronic stress through Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). I'm glad the university sponsors programs like this because it's definitely what I need. The orientation starts on Monday, I couldn't be more excited!

5:30 PM Cooked spaghetti carbonara. I didn't add milk or cream because I always don't know how my stomach will react to dairy hahaha. Actually, the authentic carbonara is not at all creamy. Maybe it's another Filipino twist, just like Filipino spaghetti (sweet Bolognese).

7:37 PM: About to wrap up this blog entry. I had fun writing this! I just wanted to document this day because I feel accomplished. I am proud of myself for pulling through today.