Janell Sihay

1/52 - Project 52, getting sick, setting the D-DAY

It's a brand new year! Another chance to start a project that I will probably abandon in a few days. Hahaha.

Looking back at 2023, it felt like a lot has happened, major life changes at that. Unfortunately, I don't have any substantial documentation. Sure, I have pictures, but they're just that. Pixels on the screen. They don't mean much anymore because I have failed to write down my thoughts and reflections about the events. I hope to change that by starting a 52-week project just documenting 2024. No specific format, just stories I would like to tell 2025 Janell.

Janell Sihay

  1. After 4 years, COVID finally got to me. To be fair, I have gotten the flu before but I haven't tested for COVID. Usually, when I first get the symptoms, I just take ibuprofen and take a nap, and when I wake up I feel so much better. But this time around I knew this was different because I was basically useless for 3 whole days. There were still antigen tests lying around so I took one just to confirm a hunch. And sadly it turned out positive, which meant I had to miss an out-of-town trip and a birthday celebration which were lined up in the week.

  2. My thesis defense a.k.a D-DAY is officially scheduled! The initial schedule was supposed to be on Dec 15, 2023, then moved to Jan 10, 2024, and finally on Feb 9. No backing out now that my thesis examination panel each has a copy of my manuscript draft. I am so scared, but like my siblings said this is a good kind of scared. This means I am up for something that will help me grow. It's still a month away but I'm getting so nervous and pressured. I guess it's because the work that I have done for more than 2 years boils down to this one event. It also didn't help that my thesis adviser gave a talk yesterday and presented some plots I made and basically invited everyone to my thesis defense. Major pressure!!!! I console myself knowing that he has confidence that my work is ready to be presented to the public. I should probably find that confidence in myself, too.

How's your first week of 2024? :-)